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This website is supported by “Educational beliefs of families with Japanese marriage migrants: Analysis of life stories in five Asian countries” (Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research (KAKENHI) (B), FY(Fiscal Year) 2020~2023, 20H01648).

The website also includes the outcome of the following two research projects.

  • “Educational beliefs of marriage migrants: Analyzing discourses of Japanese husbands intermarried with Chinese, Filipina, Korean, and Thai wives” (Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research (KAKENHI) (C), FY2016~FY2018, 16K04630)
  • “Educational strategy of intermarried Japanese, Korean, and Chinese couples” (Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research (KAKENHI) (C), FY2013~FY2016, 25381142)

All our projects, including ones conducted individually, consist of interview narratives of people in intermarriage raising their children in a country that one of the spouse’s has roots in or that is foreign to both spouses.

We don’t try to converge on a single theory or model in analyzing collected stories. Instead, we enable all research collaborators to study from their specialized perspectives (Education, bilingualism, sociology, history, Public Health, etc.) to illustrate different aspects of the phenomena.

Another characteristic is that the project uses Manga to disseminate our research findings to the wider public. Although we could not expect to include all findings from several years of research, we tried our best to touch on as many aspects of their lives as possible.

We will post upcoming research papers and Manga as they are published. In addition, we plan to develop this site into a platform providing access to timely information, insightful thoughts, and thorough discussion presented by not only our member researchers but also by marriage migrants and families with intermarried couples in Asia. We hope you come back to us to read them as well.

March 2022
WATANABE, Yukinori
Professor, Sagami Women’s University

Project members

Principal investigator WATANABE Yukinori
(Sagami Women’s University, Japan)
Methodology, Interviews
(Japanese nationals in China, the Philippines, Singapore)
Co-Investigator SUN Wonsuk
(Osaka University of Economics and Law, Japan)
Immigration Policy, Interviews
(Japanese nationals in Korea, the Philippines, and Koreans in Korea)
Co-Investigator FUJITA-ROUND Sachiyo
(Yokohama City University, Japan)
Bilingualism, Interviews
(Japanese nationals in Korea, Thailand)
Co-Investigator WATANABE Osamu
(Teikyo University of Science, Japan)
(Japanese nationals in Thailand, Singapore, China)
Co-Investigator MASUKO Takehisa
(Lapu Lapu Cebu International College (LCIC))
Interviews (Filipino spouses),
Coordination of study in the Philippines
Co-Investigator QIU Xiaolan
(Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences)
Interviews (Chinese spouses),
Coordination of study in China
Co-Investigator Ryu Seungho
(Kangwon National University, Korea)
Interviews (Korean spouses),
Coordination of study in Korea
Co-Investigator Jiraporn Chompikul
(MahidolUniversity, Thailand)
Interviews (Thai spouses),
Coordination of study in Thailand
Co-Investigator Petcharee Rupavijetra
(Chiang Mai University, Thailand)
Interviews (Thai spouses),
Coordination of study in Thailand
Co-Investigator Glenn Toh
(Nanyang Technological University, Singapore)
(Singaporean spouses), Coordination of study in Singapore
Co-Investigator Jocelyn O. Celero (Ph.D.)
(Asian Center, University of the Philippines-Diliman)
with Filipino spouses of Japanese in Manila and Tokyo
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